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Zanu PF Should Embrace The Passage Of Time Or Risk Becoming Irrelevent

THE rabble-rousing show of cockiness and bravado by the former ruling party is a most perplexing phenomenon.


For a party that was handed a comprehensive defeat in the recently held harmonised elections and from which it has emerged with a bloody nose, Zanu PF has sought to grab victory from the jaws of defeat by claiming that somehow it is the victorious party from the contest.

The state-controlled Herald with its “no winner” claim in announcing the presidential results epitomises the myopic notion that the regime and its surrogates have lulled themselves into where there is no acknowledgement of the possibility of defeat and therefore no plan B.

For Zanu PF, they are the party that is supposed to last forever because of the critical role they played in the liberation struggle.

The defeat they suffered at the hands of the MDC popped that balloon for good and no amount of word play and euphemisms can make that reality go away.

It is my belief that if the party hopes to play any meaningful role in the future a lot of introspection and reform is in order. Zanu PF cannot blame the West or sanctions for its dipping fortunes whilst it continues to dabble in dinosaur politics.

The winds of political change have blown across the African landscape and liberation movements and ruling parties have “gone with the flow” so to speak in metamorphosing into viable and relevant organisations of their day.

Zanu PF, however continues to engage in cold war era politics which can be exemplified in the current orgy of violence and intimidation that it has unleashed in the countryside.

Instead of looking for ways to address the bread and butter issues that have prompted the rural electorate to vote for the opposition, the dinosaur resorts to a the well worn route of cowing them into submission and offering nothing except the empty notion of “sovereignty”.

This strategy, as has been discovered in history time and again, only serves to embolden the resolve of the people against them and now that the Zanu PF bull has been dehorned, those who had hitherto been apathetic are more likely to be motivated to completely dislodge them.

I believe the run off thing was an opportunity for Zanu PF to at least redeem itself and somehow escape being crushed by the wheels of change. But now, considering the course they have taken they are increasingly becoming an irredeemable entity.



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