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Zanu PF Invited The Sanctions

THE Zanu PF sanctions propaganda is now back-firing. Zimbabwean rural folk are now wiser and will not be tricked by cheap propaganda anymore.


The argument about sanctions being the root cause of our crisis is not holding water anymore. Misinformation by Zanu PF misled the rural folk for a while but now not even beatings, rape, murder or the burning of huts can sway them.

Zimbabweans have discovered that sanctions were a response to Zanu PF’s poor governance and not the land reform programme.

After saturating the people with the sanctions propaganda, Zanu PF spin doctors have to contend with the spill-over of the propaganda which is now ricocheting. One old woman from Mutoko salvaging the remains of her burnt hut summed it all up.

“If I were to vote for Zanu PF, will the sanctions go?” In the mind of the old woman voting for Zanu PF means more sanctions, more burning of huts, more poverty, more murder, more rape and more torture.

For her Zanu PF is synonymous with the impoverishing sanctions and apparently there is a symbiotic link between Zanu PF and the sanctions. What this means is that this elderly woman and the other rural folk will vote for the removal of sanctions in the coming presidential run-off election.

Nizola Shiri,


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