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RBZ Must Apologise

LAST week’s Independent (May 16-22) carried a story in the businessdigest section on the RBZ mechanisation programme.

The story implied that because the RBZ liberalised the forex rate, all those who benefited from the mechanisation programme would probably have to pay at the new rate of US$1:$300 million and not the old rate of $30 000. The story further indicated that the RBZ is in a quandry over these ballooned debts now owed to them by beneficiaries. This is quite true.

My problem with this is the response given by the special advisor to the RBZ govenor, Munyaradzi Kereke.

He is quoted as having said: “That is bulls**t. That is trash, there is nothing like that. You can print it but you know the conseqences.”

Really Kereke? What sort of reponse is that? It would appear Kereke is taking the public for fools by giving such a foul-mouthed response. What consequences? Is this a threat to the newspaper and/or its reporter?

What does Gono have to say about this? Surely if this is the sort of advice he is getting, then we have a huge problem. Is this the sort of language that Gono would like himself in his personal capacity as well as the RBZ as an institution to be associated with?

Assuming the RBZ had no comment or if the story was false, was there no other response or simply a no comment?

It was immoral, arrogant and rude to say the least. Kereke or the RBZ owes us an apology for this.

Tapiwa Ngudzo,


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