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Harassment Of Journalists Unacceptable

THE Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) wishes to protest in the strongest terms against the ongoing attacks, harassment, torture and arrest of journalists.


This persecution of the media practitioners is unacceptable in a democratic society that the government professes to abide in.

Our view as a council is that the media should be allowed to play their traditional role as the fourth estate first in the gathering and dissemination of information about what happens in our country and should not be hindered in any way.

The latest spate of arrests saw two journalists, Frank Chikowore, a freelance, and Davison Maruziva, the Editor of the Standard being detained for flimsy reasons. Both were later released and remanded to May 23. Chikowore paid $5 billion bail while Maruziva paid $10 billion bail.

The VMCZ agitates for the espousing of freedom of expression as the cornerstone of our society, the respect for human rights as well as upholding of the rule of law.

The council believes that it is the duty of every journalist to provide members of the public with accurate information on current events without fear or favour.

This obligation applies to all scribes irrespective of whether one works for a state-controlled or privately-owned media organisation.

We urge other organisations that seek to promote media freedom to join us in condemning the needless onslaught against the media by whomsoever as this is a serious breach of the fundamental right to freedom of expression.

MA Masunda,


Voluntary Media Council

of Zimbabwe.


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