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Brad Pitt Amazes Angelina

ACTRESS Angelina Jolie has revealed that watching Brad Pitt play with their four children makes her feel emotions that she’s never felt before.


Angelina, who has three adopted children with Brad Pitt namely Maddox, Pax & Zahara as well as biological daughter Shiloh, claims that she has been blown away by how easily the Ocean’s 13 star has taken to being a dad.

Angelina who adopted Maddox and two-year-old Zahara before she started dating Brad said: “Brad has been an incredibly supportive and caring man and a great father. It means a lot to me to have him in my life and to be there for our children because I was prepared and even resigned to raise them alone.

“You can’t know how good a father a man will be without actually seeing him in that role. But Brad is so good with Mad, and they’ve bonded in such a beautiful way that it almost makes me cry — and I never cry.”

Jolie also revealed that she would happily spend all day just watching Brad play with the children.

She said: “Brad is just so natural playing with the kids. His eyes light up whenever he teaches Mad or Pax something new and sees them laugh or scream with joy. I could spend hours just watching Brad enjoy his time with the kids — except I’m usually busy changing clothes or getting the kids ready for bed myself!”-— Showbizspy.com

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