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Please Investigate The RBZ

THERE seems to be an unholy pact between your newspaper and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor wherein you desist from robust investigations into the conduct of the RBZ as an institution and the Reserve Bank governor as an individual.


Our roads are awash with brand new expensive double-cab vehicles purchased and imported by the RBZ. Indeed, the Reserve Bank yard in Mabelreign (along Sherwood Drive) is full of brand new minibuses and trucks all allegedly imported by the RBZ.

Quite obviously, a substantial amount of scarce foreign currency was used to import these vehicles.

One would have expected your reporters to carry out thorough investigations into the exact amount of foreign currency that the RBZ used to purchase these vehicles (and the origins of the foreign currency).

It is common knowledge that the country needs to import food as our acquired farms have not produced enough to feed the nation (due to the cruel machinations of the West, we are told). Why have you not confronted the governor about his decision to priorities the purchase of luxury vehicles when the masses face starvation?

The manufacturing industry has almost ground to a halt because the RBZ has not allocated adequate foreign currency to that sector.

Our hospitals have been experiencing a chronic shortage of medicines. The country does not generate enough foreign currency to import medical supplies, and yet the RBZ deems it fit to import brand new double-cab vehicles.

For obvious reasons we cannot expect government newspapers to investigate these issues.

Your failure to keep the nation informed about the obscene excesses at the RBZ can only adversely affect your credibility in the eyes of the public.

Thabani Mpofu,


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