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Mugabe Must Not Lecture Our Children On Character

AFTER the initial boost to our hopes at the beginning of the vote counting, the endless delays led me into a state of complete misery as the defeated president simply put a halt to the announcing of results.


In last week’s Independent (May 9-15) it was mentioned that the run-off — which in reality is not even required — could be in 12 months time!

How much more misery can this man inflict on the people of our country? It is certainly not his country, as expressed by the will of the people. In the same edition it is stated that a “clique of ruling party hardliners … are working… in a bid to ensure he wins the run-off by fair means or foul”. It is sickening.

The defeated president hung on in order to entertain school children the day before Independence celebrations on April 18 with his pearls of wisdom.

Reported in the Herald of April 18 was that exhausted mantra: “Never shall this country be a colony again…” But what about the Chinese? What about the Zanu PF mafioso? Are they not the neo-colonialists who have plundered the once prosperous Zimbabwe?

“We can borrow from other cultures but not British…” said he in his Saville Row suit.

“You should show friendship, love for the poor…” Really? Did you or your relatives have your houses and businesses smashed by the xenophobic debacle called Murambatsvina, sanctioned by this man?

ZBC reporters such as Reuben Barwe and Judith Makwanya gloated over these crimes against humanity — even reporting that the people were happy to have their abodes knocked down. Barwe and Makwanya must stand up and face their complicity in these crimes against humanity when the time comes.

” …and work to unite people…” Gukurahundi. The most horrific era in the post-Independence history of Zimbabwe with gross human rights violations recorded, implicating many high-up politburo members who must also be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.

“You should develop a good habit, a good habit that would develop into a good character, a good character for a good destiny.” Is this the character that has created our economic, political and social malaise? Is the man mad? Has he ever shown our children a good destiny?

These are the words of a man bereft of any meaningful or important ideas. A lost soul to be sure and not someone who should be lecturing children on good character and habit!


Groombridge, Harare.

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