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The Winds Of Change Are Coming

THERE comes a time in the course of events on this earth as God ordained them that a period of transition should take place in the order of things.

This entails what some would call “nature taking its course” in that no matter how we as humans resist the dying of a loved one for instance, the call of nature will be too great for our efforts of trying to save.

This is because for the whole earth and all that is in it to remain in balance, the Creator has put in motion cycles in which organisms operate.

The only problem with this set up is that the creation is an unwilling participant in this cycle and unwilling to acknowledge the fact that that whilst there is a beginning, there is inevitably an end.

This is symptomatic of the Zanu PF system which not only refused to acknowledge that humans beings cannot live forever by endorsing Robert Mugabe for president at their congress, they refuse to acknowledge the fact that the tide has changed and that they can no longer claim the tag of being the ruling party.

Whilst they possess a lot of resources and resolve to live another day, they can only go so far as the cycle of life can permit because they also are not immortal or invincible despite their best efforts to state to the contrary.

Their best hope as an organisation would be to enter into negotiations with the “new” movement and somehow hope to survive by not disappearing completely as did Kanu and Kenya, and Unip in Zambia.

The opposition’s win is not a sign of their political prowess, rather it’s the affirmation of the workings of nature as exemplified in the momentum for the independence of most African states in the colonial era which inevitably became independent.

The opposition therefore need to be warned not to take the route of its predecessors for  when the winds of change do come they will not leave a stone unturned.

N Munekani,

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