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Terror Campaign Unacceptable

THE brutality against defenceless citizens by Zanu PF in the terror campaign to stay in power is unacceptable.


If by voting, the people are applying for incarceration, then the entire world must stop holding elections after all.

This cruelty must stop now. How in Africa are people expected to have their voices heard? Even denialists like Thabo Mbeki ought to be sensitive to Zimbabweans who have expressed their will on who should govern them.

People should remember Zimbabwe does not belong to Mugabe and Zanu PF or the retrogressive so-called liberation movements in the region but to all Zimbabweans who obviously want to see nothing but bread and butter on their tables.

For Sadc statesmen to blame their ineptitude on the West when in Zimbabwe, for example, the British relinquished power years ago, after which Mugabe took over, without a clue of how to manage the economy, is very irresponsible and grossly inhumane.

If Sadc continues to be supportive of Zanu PF while it continues murdering innocent citizens with impunity, then there is no reason for its existence.

Probably it is the UN which should move towards rescuing desperate Zimbabweans who are suffering under Mugabe’s dictatorship.

The Zimbabwean situation can only be solved through a truth and reconciliation initiative and of course punishing all the violators of human rights.

Andrea Sibanda,

South Africa.

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