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Mugabe Win Will Create Dysfunctional Govt

THE forthcoming presidential election run-off will create a dysfunctional government if President Robert Mugabe wins against the MDC’s Morgan Tsvangirai, a University of Zimbabwe political science professor Eldred Masunungure has said.

Speaking at a Zimbabwe Union of Journalists election reporting workshop in Bulawayo this week, Masunungure said Mugabe would not rule effectively as he would face a hostile parliament and will find it difficult to run the country and pass laws.

“There is no way Mugabe can rule when his party is a minority in parliament,” the lecturer said. “He will be in office, but he will not be in power and will not rule effectively in such a scenario and a government he would create will be dysfunctional.”

Masunungure, who is also the executive director of the Mass Opinion Public Institute, said faced with the hostile parliament and a polarised political atmosphere, Mugabe would have only one choice — dissolution of parliament and fresh elections.

“President Mugabe’s choices are limited but he can dissolve parliament and call for fresh elections in the hope that he will garner more seats than the opposition,” Masunungure added.

The Tsvangirai-led MDC faction won 99 House of Assembly seats, while Zanu PF has 97 seats and the Arthur Mutambara-led MDC has 10 seats. Independent candidate Jonathan Moyo won the Tsholotsho seat.

The two MDC factions have since entered into a parliamentary pact that would see them control the House of Assembly.

“If President Mugabe has to pass laws such as the Finance Bill and if parliament rejects it, then that would be unacceptable and it would be difficult to rule the country in parliament’s current state,” Masunungure said.

By Loughty Dube

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