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Chickens Coming Home To Roost

IT is a sad reality but a fact that if farmer X has 43 cattle and farmer Y owns 48, the latter would be considered wealthier than the former.

In football they say that to be a champion, one has to beat the champion. And in politics one has to beat the president to become one.

So is that not what Morgan Tsvangirai did in the March 29 elections? In fact he is tipped to be the next Zimbabwean president after the run-off to be held on a date still to be announced.

According to the official figures released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commision last week, Tsvangirai led the presidential race as he garnered 47,9% of the total votes cast whilst Robert Mugabe, his closest rival collected 4,7% less with 43,2% of the votes.

This automatically means a run-off and Zimbabweans are bracing themselves for this two horse race.The question of what each of the contenders is going to do is what matters.

For the old horse Mugabe, age seems not to be on his side in that it makes him unappealing and also difficult for him to win back the favour of the electorate.

He has now resorted to violence in “dealing with” the rural population who shocked him by voting for the opposition.

Previously rural areas were perceived as Zanu PF strongholds but it seems the tide has turned.

It is however almost impossible with the current socio-economic crisis for those who initially voted for the opposition to change their minds and vote for Zanu PF.

I would think it more possible for those who voted for the latter to change and vote for the former.

As for Tsvangirai, he should remain calm and composed whilst his foes ponder over how to woo back the electorate.

The only thing is to come back, begin countrywide rallies to explain and articulate the MDC’s stance and strengthen the people’s resolve to kick out this dictatorship.

Indeed the chickens have come home to roost. Tsvangirai’s rule is imminent.

By Taddious Manyepo writes from Harare.

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