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‘Workers’ Day A Day For Mourning

THIS year’s Workers’ Day was a day of mourning.

There is nothing for the worker to celebrate.

For the few who actually have jobs in this grossly mismanaged economy, their daily bread is being taken away from their mouths by the actions of the Zanu PF government.

I realise that the workers of Zimbabwe are under siege.

Physically, they are being brutally assaulted by a “government” that is no longer a government.

To add salt to this injury, the worker in Zimbabwe today is also reeling under the most diabolic tax regime in Africa.

The new (even the revised) tax thresholds are strangling the livelihoods of honest workers.

Even employers and economists recognise the injustice of these ridiculous tax bands.

On top of this burden, the worker is also expected to pay value-added tax and a host of other taxes, making the Zimbabwean worker nothing more than a beast of burden, working to edify the lives of a few fat cats.

The government is punishing workers for problems that it has  created.

It is because the economy has been mismanaged by people who have neither the means nor the wits to stop the fire they started that we find ourselves in this situation.

The Zanu PF government has destroyed the motivation for companies to be productive.

It is directly responsible for the shocking decline in the quantity and quality of goods made and sold in this country.

As a result, no money can flow into the fiscus, because the country is simply not producing anything. Still, the government has insisted on living beyond its means.

Government has now turned to overtaxing the workers.

This is unacceptable.

The workers of this country should not be punished for the short-sightedness of Zanu PF.

They should not have to foot a bill incurred by Zanu PF.

They should not be forced to subsidise the luxurious lifestyles of a few while they scrounge in the dustbins of our economy.

Mavambo stands by the hardworking people of Zimbabwe and urges all workers to stand fast against this travesty.

It is inappropriate therefore, to wish workers a happy Workers Day under these circumstances.

The Mavambo movement assures them that darkness does not last forever.

Simba Makoni,
Mavambo Movement.


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