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Upsurge In Violence Worrying

THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) notes with concern the upsurge in political violence in the aftermath of the March 29 elections especially in rural areas where thousands of people have fled their homes.

Urban dwellers have also not been spared as gratuitous assaults are the order of the day in the high density areas.

This is the price that Zimbabweans are now paying for voting overwhelmingly for the opposition both in the rural and urban areas.

The ZCTU deplores this backlash from Zanu PF agents as it is uncalled for.

More worrying is the fact that the Zanu PF leadership is quiet about the violence on innocent citizens with the police pretending that nothing of that sort is happening.

The levels of paranoia that are being shown by Zanu PF, the army and the police are very alarming.

It is senseless that violence is being unleashed on innocent people while the results of the presidential poll have not been made public.

The ZCTU in inclined to believe that this kind of retaliation can only mean one thing, that Zanu PF dismally lost the election because why else would they be torturing innocent people?

The ZCTU also notes with concern that the rural populace who bore the brunt of the liberation struggle where some lost their entire belongings are the same people now being exposed to the same brutality which is reminiscent of the colonial era.

The ZCTU therefore demands that Zanu PF stops the violence forthwith.

The ZCTU would like to urge those who have been brutalised to remain strong and resolute and not be apologetic for voting for the party of their choice.


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