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PUNISHMENT: Local media reports say a governor in northern Saudi Arabia has ordered authorities to punish men who flirt with women in public places by cutting their hair.

Several Saudi newspapers, including Al Hayat, say Prince Fahd bin Badr ordered police to carry out the punishment after seeing a group of men with long hair pestering female students as they left school in the town of Skaka.

Many clergymen in this conservative Gulf country say men should not have long hair because Islam prohibits the sexes from emulating each other.

Saudi Arabia has long enforced a strict Islamic lifestyle in which men and women are segregated in public. — AFP.

MANNERLESS: Britons are ruder than they were a decade ago, according to a survey on Monday that showed almost three-quarters of people think manners should be taught at school.

A third believe bad manners are the catalyst for much of the anti-social behavior in Britain, the ITV poll found.

Experts interviewed by the network blamed a lack of respect for authority.

More than 90% of respondents believe parents are failing to ensure their children learn proper manners and that bad behaviour of celebrities and footballers are setting a poor example for impressionable youngsters.

Spitting and swearing were the most offensive behaviours, it found, while queue-jumping and not saying “please” or “thank you” were other main gripes.

Almost 75% of the 3 000 people surveyed believed manners should be taught at school. — Reuters.

JAILED: A newlywed couple spent the night in separate jail cells — she in her wedding gown — after police said they brawled with each other, then members of another wedding party, at a suburban Pittsburgh hotel.

The fight started on Saturday night after a reception when he knocked her to the floor with a karate kick in the seventh-floor hallway of a Holiday Inn, according to police.

It escalated when she attacked two guests from another wedding party who came to her aid, police said.

The melée moved to an elevator and then to the lobby, where the couple threw metal planters at the two guests of the other party, causing minor injuries, police charged.

“It was pretty wild,” Ross police Sgt. Dave Syska said.

Dentist David Wielechowski (32) and Christa Vattimo (25) had married a month earlier in the Bahamas but repeated their vows at a reception for 150 guests. They were checking into their room when the argument began, police said.

Police arrived to find the dentist lying on the lobby floor and his bride screaming, they said.

Authorities charged them both with simple assault, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, and the bride with an additional count of public intoxication. They face a May 7 preliminary hearing.

The couple declined comment upon their release. She left with her father, still dressed in her white gown.

Wielechowski left alone, sporting a swollen eye, tuxedo pants, a bloody T-shirt and one shoe. — AP.

OFFER: For the first time in Chile, a mayor plans to give out free Viagra to men 60 and older in his town to improve their “quality of life” four times a month, according to media reports.

“This has to do with quality of life and it’s done responsibly.

It’s not just like handing out candy at the corner,” Gonzalo Navarrete, a physician and mayor of the poor town of Lo Prado south of Santiago, told Las Ultimas Noticias daily. — AFP.

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