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Herald Contributing To Our Demise

THIS letter is directed to the Herald newspaper.

I know my letter will not see the light of day at that paper.

But the idea that those at the Herald read it somewhere is good enough for me.

I have been following Herald stories since it is the only daily newspaper I can get.

I wonder if there is any professional journalism at Herald House. I also wonder whether its reporters are reporting from Zimbabwe or from some place in wonderland.

Whilst I may appreciate that they should know who butters their bread, they should also not compromise their individual CVs.

Really this paper has peddled so many lies that reading it is now nauseating.

Instead of telling us as it is the newspaper has decided to hide so much truth and let the country down by that.

Because of how it reports, the paper is now also an accessory to violence.

Now it has become a crime for a white man to stop at a lay-bye on our roads because the Herald will say he is checking on farms.

The Herald has become a rabid racist publication which does not have any place in a civilised society.

A normal paper with normal reporters would really think twice before coming up with interviews with men accused of rape such as Obadiah Musindo, give coverage to the violent bragging of Joseph Chinotimba, or let people like Jabulani Sibanda insult the intelligence of the people of Zimbabwe.

As a paper the Herald should instead of lauding someone who says “so and so will never rule this country” be asking questions like why are we holding elections in the first place.

Why if sanctions are hurting everybody do we have those who cry sanctions but are filthy rich, drive very expensive cars, yet they tell others “rambayi makashinga” and the paper does not question them on that.

At one  time the Herald revelled at John Nkomo labelling Dumiso Dabengwa a sellout just because Dabengwa has refused to endorse the candidature of President Robert Mugabe.

I thought it is his right, a right which the Chimurenga was fought for. As a paper you should question some of these comments.

Who does not know Dabengwa in this country and what role he played?

The Herald happily reported that Makoni has been labelled a frog.

Really, is it great to label another a frog just because you have failed to agree? Your crime is failing to question that sort of thinking.  

Mr Herald editor you will soon be a prisoner of your own conscience.

I am not saying you should not support your preferred side.

That is your democratic right. But do it somewhere else, not on the pages.  

You have to look at your news headlines, painting a rosy picture of a sinking economy.

For the sake of Zimbabwe moving forward, we have lost a lot of time and you are a contributor to that.

Let us self-criticise and see what we have done to this country with our type of reporting.

I do not think you will be happy to see this country remain as stagnant as it is now even for another hour.

Your paper is doomed if civilisation revisits this country.

Trevor Mashayamombe,
By e-mail.

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