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Zimbabwe About To Reward Failure

THE impasse created by the electoral commission in Zimbabwe, through withholding the presidential election results more than three weeks after the elections is a recipe for disaster.


The “no crisis in Zimbabwe” statement by President Thabo Mbeki and church leaders calling on Zimbabweans to “be patient” marks a sad moment for the country.

The body that was entrusted with the duty of administering our elections is playing truant with the results, because Robert Mugabe has been defeated.

Surprisingly, it is even taking them long to decide how to manipulate the results, to the suspicion of the public.

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace rightly notes that “at the centre of this mystery is the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)”, a constitutional body mandated to conduct elections and referendums “efficiently, freely, fairly, transparently and in accordance with the law”.

This mandate has failed in the way ZEC has behaved in the release of the much-awaited presidential results.

There is much anguish because of ZEC’s notorious behavior — to make public issues out of defeat-denial by Mugabe their concern. They have created uneasiness in the country and the international community at large.

ZEC has failed! People did not vote in vain to watch ZEC meddle in political gerrymandering.

Zimbabwe must vigorously begin to work out an alternative with strategically scaled and coherent objectives, to demand our rights and destroy Mugabe’s desire to steal our votes.

This is no more a battle against Zanu PF, but against Mugabe.

In choosing to release the results of the parliamentary elections and withholding the presidential results, he obviously seeks to make a distinction between his party’s defeat and his personal defeat.

The terrifying repression has been justified in the name of efficiency, recounting and verifying results with the aim to emerge Mugabe victorious.

Some misinformed church leaders had the courage to chat with George Chiweshe and come out announcing loud that the nation should be patient.

They claim the ZEC is justified in holding the country at ransom, a corrupt ploy meant to steal votes.

They override the manipulation of the constitution to suit Mugabe. The church’s calls for patience indicate that the conscience of the nation has lost track of events.

They never questioned the circumstances that led to this three week long impasse. Constitutionally, the results must be released within a reasonable period of time! Are these church leaders impartial or are they are stooges of Mugabe?

There are no more prophetic voices, after the silencing of Pius Ncube by Mugabe’s government last year.

When Pius was being attacked by Mugabe’s political forces, the same church leaders never dared defend him, yet today they defend thugs.

The church must speak against injustice, corruption, murder, disregard of the rule of law and speak for the poor and the oppressed, not to defend Mugabe’s disastrous desire to impose himself in State House.

The eviction notice given him is enough and to aid him to stay a minute longer is fraud.

To suggest a run-off is notorious for, constitutionally, that should be held (last) Saturday, 21 days after the Election Day.

We are yet to see a manipulation of the constitution.

The institutions of justice and democracy have been by-passed by the fundamental decision of those who wield power.

ZEC has institutionalised injustice by meeting Mugabe’s demands.

A combined assault by both ZEC and Mugabe has been the obstacle to progress and rebuilding a new Zimbabwe.

But, however plausible ZEC’s rationalisation and however ingenious the passing reassurances, hardly anyone is deceived.

Clyde B Chakupeta,
Georgetown, Guyana.

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