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Zanu PF Taking Voters For Granted

IT is disdainful for our outgoing leadership to pretend to Zimbabweans and the international community that there is no election crisis in this nation.

Why is government attempting to massage the minds of the electorate to the idea of a run- off, even before the announcement of the presidential poll results?

Whether we like it or not, history repeats itself and by the look of things we now have a de facto UDI firmly in place, and a kleptocracy riding roughshod over the will and determination of the people to free themselves from abject poverty.

We now get the impression that the liberation war was fought solely for one man to rule Zimbabwe.

The argument that has been advanced concerning the opposition that it intends to return farms to their former white owners is a pathetic attempt to buy sympathy and support when it is common knowledge that Mugabe’s ministers are multiple owners of the farms.

A recent story in a weekly newspaper of a nephew of the president who has four farms is a testament to this.

It is no secret that Zanu PF bigwigs fear losing their multiple farms once the opposition wins.

For the same reason they are resorting to doctoring information and publishing forged documents concerning the opposition.

It is futile however because the people have unequivocally spoken.

Zanu PF is a party of accomplished liars.

Many of those multiple farm owners have become the archetypes of the very white farmers they replaced because they also had multiple farms.

As I write, the people in the rural areas are being beaten left, right and centre for having voted for the opposition whilst President Mbeki maintains there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

He seems blind to the fact that there are over two million Zimbabweans in South Africa for all the wrong reasons.
Vulcan, Budiriro


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