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Mariah’s Big Slim Secret

MEET the new slim, trim Mariah Carey. She’s ship-shaped up and serving her secrets for us to ogle. In fact, the songstress says she’s so svelte she can fit into clothes she wore back in the day.

Gagging to know how she got slim? Usmagazine.com reveals that chatting to Oprah Winfrey she said: “My jean size went down to my tenth-grade size.”

“I got tired to people telling me, ‘You need to lose weight.’ It inspired me.” She went on to say: “For me, it’s not about a number on a scale. It’s not about necessarily even a size. It’s about feeling good and being comfortable in your own skin. Right now, I feel really great. I feel better than I’ve ever felt.”

OK, OK, we’re getting to how she did it. She told Oprah that with the help of a diet and nutrition expert she’s been on a strict eating plan, that limits foods cooked in butter. So, she had to give up her fave food — a cheesy Big Mac.

She said: “It broke my heart. That’s the thing that I have difficulty letting go of because that’s comfort food. So basically I’m uncomfortable.” In an interview with Allure, she also spoke about her personal trainer, saying: “This trainer has actually helped me reshape my arms.

“That’s where I gained most of my weight — upper body. That’s just one thing you have to lose weight for.” Right, with a huff and a puff we’re off to hit the gym. — Ananova.

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