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Judgement On MDC Petition Shameful

PEHARPS I may be regarded partial at this stage of my life but this is one matter a judge does not need to think about and moreso to take so much time to dismiss.

The normal course of an election is that it progresses from casting votes, counting the votes and finally declarations as to who has won or lost.

Who can ever doubt that in fact that was the clear intention of the legislature in enacting the Electoral Act? No one has the prerogative over the results of an election except the people who voted.

If there were any anomalies at all, of such a nature as would affect the pronouncement of the results; those should have been raised during the counting stage of the votes, with some officials belonging to the aggrieved political party refusing to endorse them by not signing.

Once signed and forwarded to those with the responsibility to announce the results, the natural expectation of the due process of the law is to announce those results.

The fact that the results were not published when they should is an indication beyond reasonable doubt that someone who was a party to the electoral process had sight of those results and proceeded to investigate anomalies, alone, to the exclusion of all others and thereafter told the rest of the nation and participants that there is need to do a recount and all the rest.

I am shocked that a court of law can make a finding on the basis that the result cannot be published before all anomalies are investigated.

And for the High Court to buy that sort of argument without taking the ZEC to task smells of shameful interference and complicity between the ZEC and Zanu PF.

Benjamin Paradza,
New Zealand.

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