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Gono Not Convincing

ALLOW me space in your widely read newspaper, even though I am responding to a story that appeared in a different newspaper which is the Herald of April 11.

The story covered an interview that took place between Dr Gideon Gono and a Herald reporter.

Even though the governor attempted to justify his policy decisions in the interview, I was not convinced of his sincerity about tackling the causes of the sinking Zimbabwean economy.

It is evident that the main cause of the economic, political and social crises is lying squarely at the door of President Mugabe and Zanu PF. However Gono shamelessly states otherwise.

He however came close to revealing this fact by mentioning the fact that the unrealistic exchange rate of one US dollar to 30 000 Zimbabwe dollars was the fault of the Ministry of  Finance.

He also came close to outrightly condemning the latest spate of  farm invasions without pointing out that they,  as in 2000 are stage-managed to divert the people’s attention from other pertinent issues to Zimbabweans.

Gono should learn to tell the truth and call a spade a spade. Zimbabweans are anxious to work in a climate of  honesty and transparency which is exhibited in neither Robert Mugabe nor Zanu PF.

The so called ‘Social Contract” is just but an example of Zanu PF’s inability to compromise and work together with others.

If Gono is serious about service to this nation, then he should advise his employer President Mugabe to change his ways in governance issues such as the reluctance of ZEC, a body he appointed to release election results.

This is symptomatic of all the bodies and institutions appointed by Mugabe and the root cause of the country’s economic, political and social crises.

It would be very inaccurate in my view to say that Gono does not comprehend the results of such policies to the fortunes of this country.

They result in economic collapse and isolation of unprecedented proportions.

Stanely Tapfumaneyi

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