Cry My Beloved Country

ELECTIONS in most countries including a growing number of African countries give an opportunity to ordinary citizens in general to have a chance to express their collective views through the ballot, a chance that is not available on a day to day basis.

Everyone has an opportunity to offer themselves to the electorate and the losers live to fight another day.

But the recent elections in our beloved country seem to have widened the polarisation of sons and daughters of this beautiful country and I am calling for all to humble themselves for the sake of Zimbabwe.

The political and economic situation we face today has laid eggs which have hatched into very dangerous intolerance and disillusionment threatening to tear the country into another Somalia and cannot be allowed to go on.

One the one hand we have Zanu PF, a party made up of the old Zanu PF and the former PF Zapu. These are parties which fought not only for political independence but also for fairness in the distribution of wealth between blacks and whites and economic emancipation of the “majority”.

On the other hand we have the MDC in my own opinion capitalised on the failure of Zanu PF to protect the aspirations of the urban working class and the restive young generation who wanted change.

However, an opportunity arose for healthy and friendly competition which was supposed to take into consideration the aspirations of the masses, the founding fathers, the young and the future generations of this country.

The masses expected that these parties ensured that the future of this country is guaranteed by a unity in the vision of a better life for all citizens bearing in mind that political parties come and go as leaders also come and go.

Now our country is at a crossroads. People swear against one another, husbands and wives beat one another to pulp for holding opposing political views. Those who had an opportunity to go to political rallies during the run up to March 29 will bear testimony to the level of hatred expressed at some of these gatherings leaving us yearning to hear what parties stood for and what they promised to do for us after the elections.

God knows if there is any future for this divided nation.

People are suffering in towns, in the countryside, and in foreign lands with no glimpse of a better tomorrow in sight. Careers are at a big halt, teachers and professors are competing with crocodiles to find space in the Limpopo River while we all watch as if things are normal.

It is not uncommon for a medical doctor to sleep on the floor regretting the day they decided against becoming kombi drivers yet politicians are growing fatter and richer such that they can never imagine of a better tomorrow.

As if that’s not enough our church leaders have taken sides to remain relevant financially (of course many now worship a god called mari), whichever way the political tide goes to thereby absconding their duty of uniting the body called Zimbabwe. I wonder if these fellows have ever gone on empty stomachs for days or even failed to pay fees if at all they have children.

The time has come for all to swallow our pride and come to a round table for the sake of that pove that used to slaughter their fattened cows for the freedom fighters during the liberation war, and those students and workers who jeopardised their education and careers for the Zimbabwe of 1980 to the present day Zimbabwe.

Zanu PF and the MDC could never have lasted this long if they had no support from the suffering masses who they now chastise.

The same sacrifice I am calling for was made by the then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in 1980 when he called on former foes to unite under a one Zimbabwe through the policy of reconciliation even though he had a majority in parliament.

Tendai Madhanzi