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Mugabe regime in panic mode

I AM shocked by the levels of disrespect exhibited by the Zanu PF propagandists towards the citizens of Zimbabwe. For some reason, Zanu PF and government spin doctors still labour under the mistaken belief that they can at any time win our minds, hearts and votes with any story notwithstanding its persuasive value.

The Robert Mugabe regime is in panic mode and it is a fact, for example, that all this nonsense about former white farmers returning to reclaim acquired land is just a folk tale. These are attempts to hoodwink the citizenry into believing that Zanu PF is our anti-neo-colonial Messiah. Claims that Zanu PF is an agent of “sovereignty” and nationalism are misleading and have been worn out as rhetoric. It is clear that Mugabe has subverted the will of the people of Zimbabwe by concentrating on hate rhetoric meant only to divert the attention of the masses from bread and butter issues — issues of change.
Zanu PF is prepared to negate the value that drove thousands of young men and women, sons and daughters of the soil into the bush during the second Chimurenga in search of democratic values like the right to vote. Mugabe is prepared to incite violence and chaos so that he can continue his stranglehold on power. Rhetoric and lies will not improve our stone-age social services, medieval economy and isolated international reputation. Mugabe’s behaviour will only sink us deeper and deeper into the abyss of poverty and isolation.

Zvamunoda S Hondo,


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