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Mswazie needs advice

THROUGH your newspaper, I wish to respond to an article, “Makoni can withstand the political heat” written by one Walter Mswazie in last week’s issue of the Zimbabwe Independent.

It was evident from the first sentence that Walter is an ardent supporter of the former Finance minister. Surprisingly, whilst this so-called trainee social scientist was trying to justify Makoni’s capability for the presidential post, he directed much of the attack on the opposition MDC which is yet to taste political power. According to this social scientist to-be, the main opposition “has so far failed to live up to the electorate’s expectation by behaving like a political novice…” Such were the misconceptions that characterised Mswazie’s article.
It is important, Brother Walter, to note that Makoni belongs to this archaic Mugabe regime and he is only a greedy politician shamelessly trying to solve the Zanu PF succession battles.
Where was Makoni when the Ndebele-speaking populace was being mercilessly crushed in Matabeleland? Wasn’t he part and parcel of this bunch of barbarians calling themselves Zanu PF? Where was Makoni when the internationally condemned chaotic land seizures were taking place?
Wasn’t he sitting at the same table with Robert Mugabe? Where was Makoni when the wrath of Operation Murambatsvina left thousands and thousands of Zimbabweans homeless? Where was he all along? Let this be clear to you Mswazie, that it is not a bold decision, under any crazy sense, for Makoni to contest for the presidency.
Neither is it noble nor virtuous for a failed politician like Makoni to try and fool the nation that he has now repented. He belongs to a shameless class of political opportunists and has nothing new to offer to the starved Zimbabwean populace.
During Makoni’s stint as Finance minister, he failed to expose the corrupt chefs who were operating on the black market and how on earth can such a person promise to resuscitate the economy?

Nyasha Majoni,

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