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Tips for the new government

THE Kubatana team has a few suggestions for the new government:

No more presidential portraits in government buildings;
lThe President of Zimbabwe does not need an ambulance, two jeeps full of troops, several accompanying cars and ear splitting sirens when he travels through the city;
lSeventh Street is public space: this street should not be sealed off from the public between 6pm and 6am — we need openness;
lHow about a Youth Parliament to facilitate the expression of Zimbabwean youth in national matters;
lMore independent and community radio stations — free the airwaves and let dissent and debate flourish;
lRe-claim camouflage: some of us look cute in camo pants;
lCreate an environment where the military and police don’t bully their way to the front of queues, or demand free travel on public transport;
lFree medical treatment for the aged, and orphans;
lNo more bearer cheques! We want “proper” money;
lThe new president shouldn’t “hijack” our national air carrier for personal business;
lLimit the term of office of the President;
lA new Constitution within a reasonable time;
lSpecific respect for the rights of minorities.


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