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Last kick of dying horse most painful

SO, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is refusing to let all the results be known? The Herald this week suggests we may be heading for a run-off for the presidential election. If we are to take the unfortunate path, I forsee danger ahead for ordinary Zimbabweans.

I will not speak of the opposition but focus on the incumbent, Robert Mugabe. Accepting a run-off will be an indication that Mugabe wants to survive politically at all costs. He will be at his most desperate. And so he will want to win at all costs. He will fight tooth and nail to avoid humiliation in a fair poll. I fear for the environment that will characterise the period before the run-off.
A good number of Mugabe’s cronies and former ministers have already lost the constituencies they contested in. What I see is that this means their political “lives” are also tied to the run-off. In the event that Mugabe wins, they will survive as they will be rewarded with “presidential appointee this and presidential appointee that”.
This applies not only to those that have lost parliamentary seats, but also to service chiefs who made reckless statements before  polls that they will not support anyone else but Mugabe. They must be  ruing the day they were so reckless with words. But that is said and done and cannot be undone. Their option will be to unleash the armed forces on poor villagers to secure 51% for Mugabe.
Violence, fear and intimidation worked for them in 2002 and they will see no reason why it won’t work again. Beware the last kicks of a dying horse. They are the hardest and most powerful it has ever kicked in its entire life. But we have seen this in history before. Not even the most painful kick can stop the tide this time.

Dai makaenda kare,

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