Mujuru’s new spokesman

CONGRATULATIONS to President Robert Mugabe on his new appointment as retired General Solomon Mujuru’s spokesman.

Or is this a demonstration of the draconian censorship in Zimbabwe?
Mujuru has been denied access to speak for himself and disown Simba Makoni. Neither would the chance be afforded to his wife, Vice-President Joice Mujuru, to speak on his behalf.
This came barely a week after Vice-President Joseph Msika appointed himself spokesman for Dumiso Dabengwa regarding Makoni.
Mugabe fell for the same dummy when he had a meeting with Makoni before the famous Super Tuesday announcement.
Obviously he and many of us are also falling for the jackal tears from Vitalis Zvinavashe, Ray Kaukonde, Constantine Chiwenga, Happyton Bonyongwe, Paradzai Zimondi and Patrick Chinamasa who are at pains swearing undying allegiance to the moribund leader.
Like Prophet Samuel who anointed Saul and later anointed David, Mujuru as a guerrilla leader nominated Mugabe for leadership in the bush and now has anointed Makoni.
What I read from Makoni’s project is that the seeds have been planted during the pitch-dark night and in due time they will sprout even in the king’s backyard.
Mujuru is a quiet military strategist but that does not mean he is dumb. In appointed time, when he has something to say, he will say it himself.

Kaiboni Matenzi,
By e-mail.