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Zanu PF has had a chance, try others

I AM a Zanu PF member since 1970. My beloved ruling party and its leader have shown how a country can be destroyed inside three decades under their stewardship.

It is telling how such a revolutionary party can abuse our trust and play house with our lives. What guarantee is there that given another term of office, Zanu PF and its oligarchy will allow a “leadership renewal”?

As we edge closer to the harmonised elections, let us remember the record failures of Zanu PF: Esap, housing for all by the year 2000, education for all by the year 2000, health for all by the year 2000, Zimprest, NEDPP, the land redistribution programme, Zesa, Zupco, NRZ, Zinwa and Operation Garikai-Hlalani kuhle.

As we go to the elections we must bear it in our minds that it was not Simba Makoni who brought Operation Murambatsvina on us. It was not Makoni who ordered massive price reductions under which all businesses continue to reel.

The pot-holes, sewage and dirty drinking water are enough evidence that nothing is working anymore in Zimbabwe. We are starving because most farm owners are selling fuel on the black market. The RBZ governor knows powerful people who are milking this nation, but as a person who knows the side on which his bread is buttered, he has thrown the culprit list into the shredder.

We need a president who is approachable and down to earth. A president who listens to people. A servant of the people. One who will not defile the mandate for him to lead us as a nation.

Lastly, 2008 is a year for us in Zimbabwe to decide what is best for our children. Soldiers, civilians, civil servants, general practitioners, the unemployed, rural folk and cross-border traders alike, our problems are the same. We are in this together. Whoever has not suffered enough will no doubt dismiss this plea I am making. We need new blood.

The Vulcan,


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