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Massive salary hike for civil servants

THE government has awarded massive salary increments to civil servants, including teachers, amid reports that the lowest paid teacher will now earn a gross salary of $3,5 billion a month excluding allowances while soldiers could get much more beginning this month. Reliable sources in the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture said the least paid teacher would now earn $3,5 billion. Housing and transport allowances were not reviewed and remain at $30 million and $78 million by yesterday.

The sources said there would be an additional 15% of teachers’ gross salaries being a retention allowance while a further 15% of the gross salary would be added as a rural allowance for teachers in the countryside areas.

This entails that the least paid teacher in cities and towns would earn $4,1 billion while those in a rural area would gross $4,6 billion.

Unconfirmed reports from quarters within the uniformed forces put soldiers’ gross salaries between $5 billion and $10 billion. Teachers and other civil servants went on strike in pursuit of a hefty salary increment that was awarded by government to soldiers last month. Speaking at a campaign rally in Somvubu Secondary School in Inyathi, President Mugabe said he had signed a new salary schedule for all civil servants on Monday.

The National Coordinator for the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), Oswald Madziva, yesterday confirmed the salary rise.

“We have been awarded a salary hike and as a union we have taken a position that all teachers go back to work,” said Madziva

However, Madziva could not be drawn on revealing the new salary figures but he said the salary hike could have been friendlier had the government moved the tax threshold from $30 million.

Lucia Makamure/Jeslyn Dendere

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