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Zimondis utterances unacceptable

THE MDC condemns the reckless and unmeasured utterances by the Commissioner of Prisons, Paradzai Zimondi, that he would not salute an elected president other than Robert Mugabe after the March 29 election.

These utterances are being made after the realisation that Morgan Tsvangirai is a few inches away from State House. The MDC is definitely set for a landslide victory against a divided, confused and weakened Zanu PF.

Any utterances that seek to undermine the people’s will are an assault on the fabric of democracy and the expression of free will.

We are aware that Zimondi’s statements are not shared by the majority of our professional uniformed forces in the country who remain loyal to the people’s wishes and aspirations. Zimondi should proceed to resign as an individual rather than try and coerce the entire disciplined force into a rebellion on account of Mugabe’s imminent and inevitable defeat in March.

In his statement which has shocked the nation, Zimondi, a retired soldier, said he was giving “an order” to his subordinates to vote for Mugabe. The world over, in normal democracies, the uniformed forces are guided by the compass of the sovereign will of the people. Our uniformed forces should be loyal to the country’s laws and its people and not individuals.

Reckless utterances like the one made by Zimondi invite a forced exit from national service.

The MDC believes it is a flagrant affront to the Constitution of Zimbabwe for a service chief to tell uniformed officers to vote for a particular candidate in an election. There is no doubt that we have become a banana republic where the collective will of the people is not respected.

* MDC Department of Information and Publicity

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