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Makoni can withstand the political heat

WE have been waiting for a formidable party that could bail us out of the socio-political quagmire. Simba Makoni is a man worth his salt.

The current opposition has so far failed dismally to live up to the electorate’s expectation by behaving like political novices whose main agenda remains not very clear to us. The only thing we know about
MDC apart from the fact that they nearly caused a stir in 2000, is that they are a party without a clear-cut vision.

Without taking anything away from Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara, Makoni has seen it all in issues of governance and brazenly knows all the concretes and abstracts of leadership.

When it comes to economic foresight he is second to none. When he was the Minister of Finance he advocated for devaluation, a move that was going to save us from the series of economic logjams we find ourselves in.

It is only that Makoni’s brilliance had been overshadowed by a lot of greediness within Zanu PF until now when he thought of defying the odds and made his intentions clear to save the sinking Titanic from further submerging.

The bold decision Makoni took to disembark from the gravy train should be commended because it seems there are many people who expressed their disinterest with the ruling party but could hardly resign or speak out for reasons best known to themselves.

Now that Makoni has announced his intentions, the onus is left to us to cast our votes wisely so that we will stop moaning because this is the time to make positive choices. To be precise it’s now or never.

In Makoni, I see a lot of promise and I am confident that we are not going to be affected by some sectors of the media’s assertions that our favourite presidential candidate is confused. We believe that Makoni didn’t just wake up in the morning and announce his candidature. By openly announcing his intensions, he exercised his democratic right. Nothing is far from the truth that this man carries all our hopes hence the need to count on him as our political and above all our economic saviour.

What we are urging the vibrant Makoni is that he should come in the open and clear the cloud of doubt that is engulfing the electorate on his seriousness to stand especially his emphasis that he still belongs to Zanu PF. While it is not a crime to belong to the ruling party, the electorate wants to know on which ticket he is going to stand especially after the elections.

Makoni is the darling of many change-starved people and we can rest assured that once he is in power everything is going to improve.

* Mswazie is a trainee social scientist. walterbekiswazie@webmail.co.za

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