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Dabengwa must apologise

POLITICAL heavyweight Dumiso Dabengwa is quoted in the Standard of March 2 saying: “We were defeated and ended up with a presidential candidate we felt should be replaced.

“We came up with this rescue operation, to say we could not have our leadership failing to the likes of Tsvangirai, which will see us going back to the Zambian situation where out of desperation they replaced Kenneth Kaunda with Frederick Chiluba.”

While the majority of Zimbabweans will not have been surprised at this Zanu PF style of hate language, Dabengwa’s statements are a great insult to Zimbabweans.

Who on earth is Dabengwa to judge who should be the next president of Zimbabwe? By such statements, Dabengwa reduces his personal image and that of the person who he is campaigning for.

If he still has hopes of winning the hearts of Zimbabweans, Simba Makoni must publicly denounce Dabengwa for such irresponsible statements.

Morgan Tsvangirai did not declare himself a candidate of the MDC in the forthcoming elections, but his candidature was proposed and endorsed by a group of people who represent trade unionists, academics, ordinary workers, students, women — the list is long.

Dabengwa insulted all these groups represented by the people who unanimously found him as the most appropriate individual to represent them in this election.

Such provocative statements by Dabengwa and others will drive away people from Makoni.

Benjamin Chitate,

By e-mail.

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