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A man of double standards

CERTAIN sections of the media, both local and international, have become part of Simba Makoni’s campaign team. However, in so doing, some of them have helped demonstrate Makoni’s confusion.

One statement that was widely publicised is “I can walk the streets of Harare. My security is the people”. A few weeks after that, we read from the media that Makoni had applied for VIP protection from the government of Zimbabwe. Double standards on the part of Makoni!

It has been widely publicised that Makoni does not want to form an alliance with the opposition. If he doesn’t want to form an alliance with the opposition, how does he expect to work with the same opposition if he happens to win the presidential vote, and the opposition wins the majority of seats in parliament?

Arthur Mutambara who praised Makoni as a unifier has certainly been proved wrong by Makoni’s refusal to form alliances with the opposition for fear of letting down his Zanu PF backers.

Makoni has been reported as the only man with the ability to turn around the country’s economy. His manifesto, though, seems to have been copied from the MDC’s economic blueprint Restart. Apparently, Restart, or a New Beginning, MDC’s economic document and popular slogan respectively are the English equivalents of Mavambo — Makoni’s slogan. May this mean Makoni has no ideas and simply copied everything that the MDC has done over the past nine years?

It is funny though, that as correctly reported in the media, Makoni has for the first time realised that Robert Mugabe’s 21st February Movement is a waste of national resources. I remember seeing Makoni enjoying himself at one of those gatherings not too long ago on a ZBC newsclip.

Makoni is a newcomer in realising that Zanu PF is bad — in fact he still thinks Zanu PF is the best party, and that only Mugabe has overstayed as president. This is just a power struggle within Zanu PF as evidenced by Makoni’s reluctance to form an alliance with the opposition.

Makoni refuses to say if he will do anything about atrocities committed by Mugabe such as Gukurahundi and Murambatsvina. Maybe he was not affected by any of these hence his reluctance or maybe he knows some of his backers will be affected if a truth and reconcilliation commission is set up as suggested by MDC Tsvangirai?


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