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Where was he all these years?

MAY I warn the Zimbabwean electorate about the true colours of Simba Makoni who has just joined the presidential race.

Makoni remains as evil as Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe despite claiming to have finally seen the light about the Zimbabwean crisis. He is still with Zanu PF and is part of those false opposition parties and leaders that Mugabe and Zanu PF create during every election to exaggerate the level of democracy in Zimbabwe and to legtimise the elections that are always rigged in this country.

I appeal to my fellow countrymen and women not to be fooled by him. He tells us that he was forced to challenge for the position of president after what happened at the Zanu PF extraordinary congress last December and the decline of the economy in the last eight years.

The truth is that there was definitely nothing new about the conduct of political business by Zanu PF and Mugabe at that congress. Political business in Zanu PF is about seeing no evil about Mugabe’s conduct and misrule; lies and propaganda, political violence and intolerance; corruption and rigging of elections; and abusing state machinery like the police and the army. This is the history of Mugabe and Zanu PF since the struggle for Independence up to this day.

Makoni worked with Mugabe and Zanu PF whilst fully aware of the mentioned evils. Anybody who represents reason would have resigned when Zanu PF and Mugabe were committing cruelty against the people of Zimbabwe long back rather than today.

Makoni cannot tell us that what happened during the last congress is worse than the evils of Murambatsvina and the land invasions. We would have done very well with his voice against these evils when they were happening. He chose to remain silent. He even talks of the bank queues when they have disappeared. I do not think Makoni stood in these queues like he tries to make people believe. He falls into the same category as Jonathan Moyo and Gideon Gono who are always trying to potray themselves as sympathetic guys when they are actually as cruel as Mugabe and Zanu PF. These people have let down the country and they traded their souls for political appointments.


Tafumaneyi Stanley Tapera,


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