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Makoni can be assured of my vote

WHEN I get into the polling booth on March 29, I will put an “X” against Simba Makoni’s name.

This is not induced by any empty promises that we have always had for ages at election time. I don’t need to hear him campagning but I really feel he deserves to be there and he will assist us recover our lustre again.

The same goes for a lot of people who feel the same. Makoni is just a brand, it does not matter how many times their propaganda machine will run against him, victory is certain.

Voting for Makoni is voting Zimbabwe out of trouble. It is acceptance of our past failures, it is cognisance of the fact that the future is not for the old but for the young. Voting for Makoni will entrust the economy to the most noble hands.

The panic brought about by Makoni’s announcement in Zanu PF abounds for everyone to see. Makoni is not the first one to leave the party so why did it have to become the biggest story on ZTV?

If the party had people at heart, it would have welcomed this position and convened a meeting to consider having a primary election for the presidential candidate position, the same way they are dealing with the disputed parliamentary seats. If I read well their propaganda paper, the Herald, Henrietta Rushwaya was beaten in one constituency and went on to throw her bid in Shuvai Mahofa’s constituency which was initially unopposed. What is the difference with Makoni’s case, seeing Mugabe was not challenged at first but now there is someone who is willing to challenge him?



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