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Illegal or just immoral

GIDEON Gono has on several occasions said that if he has done anything illegal then he should be taken to court. Technically he may be correct but how about the morality of things where the ruling body makes rules for themselves?

How can the government set a fixed official bank exchange rate of US$1: $30 000 in an environment where inflation is the highest in the world, when the only people who can access US dollars at this rate are the ruling elite and I am sure the governor of the Reserve Bank — as a perk of the job. The absurdity of this rate of exchange is reflected in the fact that there are different rates applicable to different things including customs duty.

Why have different rates? Perhaps because certain privileged persons can purchase US$100 for the price that the ordinary man in the street pays for a loaf of bread.

So although Gono may be right as to the law and legality of his actions, the sale of US dollars by the Reserve Bank to anyone in government or anyone who can influence the official rate of exchange is highly immoral.

In the same way it is highly immoral for any government to make rules which benefit themselves as individuals. One only has to look at subsidies. Who benefits from cheap fuel and farming inputs created by government? Could it be that many of the recipients of the fuel and agricultural inputs are connected to that same government? Immoral!

William Peters


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