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joe thomas can not help tourism

The notoriously ill-concieved and sickening idea of using public funds to bribe celebrities into Zimbabwe is an act of desperation which must end with this last very expensive visit by Joe Thomas.

Zimbabwe desperately needs fore ign currency. Paying people to come here and enjoy themselves is a very silly and childish idea. To win tourists you need to make sure they know there is peace in the country, rule of law, that they won’t be targeted, that they will spend less for more value, that they can be sure to have water to drink, there is electricity, fuel or reliable transportation systems. These are the things tourists are concerned about not who else has visited the place before. Of course recommendation works but if Joe should really be honest what does he make of the hungry and sullen faces, the potholes, the erratic water and electricity supplies?

The money could have been better used cleaning up the messy city and bridging the potholes for other tourists who might want to spend money here and not get paid for their visits. This whole ambassador programme is a weak and insufficient attempt to re-market a country that has created for itself a reputation of violence.


Courage Shumba,

United Kingdom.

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