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Tsvangirai should work with Makoni

I THINK Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe are the same. The two have traits of dictatorship running in their veins. To me theirs is just a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The solution to the Zimbabwean cris

is will not come from those who claim to have suffered the most under an oppressive government.

This is the tired argument that Mugabe has been using to justify his claim to power. When Tsvangirai says Simba Makoni did not suffer any teargas attack he is singing the same hymn sung by the Mugabe regime.

Mugabe cronies claim that they suffered imprisonment and torture under white rule and therefore deserve to (mis)rule this country forever.

If Tsvangirai has the people at heart he should be willing to join with other progressive forces in order to bring change as a united. Elections are not just about participating; they are about bringing change through collective effort. It is of no benefit for opposition forces to be attacking each another.

Everyone should come to a realisation that team work is more effective than selfish lone battles. If it is true that many Zanu PF members are behind Simba Makoni then Tsvangirai should not miss the opportunity to pull together with the majority. Being a hero is great, but team work rewards are greater.

Thuthukile Mkhize,


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