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21st February Movement a waste of resources

THE 21st February Movement has earmarked $3 trillion to celebrate President Robert Mugabe’s birthday.

I pity the Beitbridge folk, it’s their turn to witness Zanu PF hospitality at its best. As always, the “aged” youth

s in Zanu PF are behind this sham. Absolom Sikhosana will get his 15 minutes of fame to preach his dim understanding of patriotism to the poor youths of Zimbabwe.

Teachers, farmers and business people are expected to “donate” in cash and kind to make this worthwhile cause a resounding success. Mind you all of these have not been spared the economic turmoil.

Spending such a colossal amount of money on a birthday bash is insane, considering the extent of economic decay and excessive poverty faced by the majority of Zimbabweans. That money would go some way in easing the shortage of drugs in hospitals, books in schools, chemicals for water purification, the list is endless.

How a birthday party can mould the youth into becoming responsible citizens is beyond me. That Mugabe has failed Zimbabwe is not in doubt. To urge the youth to emulate a failure raises a lot of questions about the calibre of the youth leadership in Zanu PF.

I certainly hope this year is the last we hear of this Communist-insipired way of idolising Mugabe.

Joseph Mhlanga,

Dublin, Ireland

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