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We don’t live for ourselves

FIRSTLY, I’d like to say well-done on the well researched and informative news that’s coming through your paper. I’ve been following the independent press in general over the past eight years and have noticed how the articles are progressivel

y becoming more factual and less biased.

Secondly, I would like to send a message to Zimbabweans that the hyperinflationary environment is bad for everyone. What we are suffering from is a combination of a serious confidence crisis, lack of foresight and excessive greed.

However, we are not to despair as God has provided the solutions within our reach: if we stop being selfish and start acting responsibly then we can return to a stable environment.

If everyone who travels by kombi would quiz the commuter omnibus owner as to what justification they have for increasing fares, then that kombi operator would quiz the fuel supplier, who would in turn quiz the forex supplier and so on until everyone starts acting responsibly.

This habit of just accepting whatever is thrown at us will constantly give us headaches and force everyone to operate in a survival mode in which all creative energies, intellectual and other resources become wholly consumed in today and look no further than tomorrow.

The challenge is that we need to realise that we do not just live for ourselves; we have a heritage to bequeath to future generations and it would be unfortunate to leave them dilapidated social facilities like hospitals, incapacitated water treatment services, poor roads and so on.

Sorting out our problems is going to take our collective effort and first of all humbling ourselves before God. No one man or woman has the solution to our problems.

On a positive note, I would like to congratulate and express my gratitude to Zimbabweans for being patient and not giving themselves over to the demon of violence during these extremely trying times.

I think Zimbabweans have been tried and tested as a people whose respect for human life and peace are above comparison. This should go as a credit to everyone and should provide hope for this great nation.

Tineyi Matenga,


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