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Name and shame saboteurs

CAN someone answer me on who owns our economy? Who owns the money in the banks?

If it is the people of Zimbabwe, who then is supposed to get feedback on cash barons from Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono? Surely, mus

t we wait till after general elections scheduled for March?

Gono was about to expose the heavyweights that have been sabotaging our economy. Those in “position of authority” who have inflicted pain among the resilient people of Zimbabwe all of a sudden have a change of heart and postpone the “name and shame” event.

Isn’t this a face-cover for some leaders who are seeking re-election and are well known to be cash barons?

If Gono is a real man, like he appears to be, can he please go ahead and name the saboteurs in the public media?

We demand to know who is behind the cash shortages. We want to know who is on that list.



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