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INCENSED: An incensed Chinese couple, videotaped hugging and kissing on a subway platform, plan to sue the subway’s operator after the video was uploaded to Youtube and other Web sites, attracting thousands of hits.

n=justify>The three-minute video of the couple in their 20s was shot in September and uploaded to Youtube and Chinese video-sharing Web sites last week, Tuesday’s China Daily reported, citing a local newspaper.

It drew more than 15 000 hits in two days, it said.

“A mocking voice can be heard in the background of the video. It has extremely embarrassed the couple,” the paper said.

The couple had hired a lawyer in the interests “of all passengers travelling on metro trains in Shanghai”, the paper quoted the unnamed man in the video as saying. — Reuters.

BOOST: Scotland is considering lobbying the United States to lift a ban on haggis, hoping to boost sales of the sheep-stomach-based national dish.

The US banned imports of Scottish haggis after Britain’s outbreak of mad cow disease, which is linked to the human brain illness Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

Scotland’s government insist its haggis — which usually contains the heart, liver and lungs wrapped inside a sheep’s stomach lining — is safe and wants the ban lifted.

“The Scottish government will consider engaging the US government on its haggis import ban . . . It is safe or we wouldn’t eat it here,” said a spokeswoman. “We think there is a large market for it amongst expatriate Scots there.”

She cited growing sales of tartans and the prevalence of Scottish clubs as evidence that Americans were taking greater interest in their Scottish heritage. — Reuters.

COMPLAINED: The producer of a sexy Thai soap opera about young air hostesses promised longer skirts and fewer catfights Tuesday after real flight attendants complained the show was sexist and should be yanked from the airwaves.

The makers of The War of Angels, which portrays stewardesses fighting for the attention of male pilots at a fictional airline, apologised to staff at national carrier Thai Airways who said the show was demeaning.

“There won’t be any more catfight scenes between flight attendants while they are on duty or in uniform in public,” Takonkiet Viravan, managing director of production house Exact, told a packed news conference.

“The skirts our actresses wear are not shorter than those worn by hostesses at other international airlines. But we will make our skirts longer,” he said.

Airline staffers had complained that the fictional flight attendants wore a too-revealing skirt cut above the knee with a front slit. — Reuters.

ADVENTURE: Two in three Australian travellers are either members of the notorious Mile High Club or would like to be a member, a survey showed Monday.

Asked if they would consider a mid-air sexual encounter, almost half of 1 110 people surveyed wanted an adventure, while 12% already had mile-high membership wings.

“People are obviously looking for more stimulating entertainment than a movie or a CD when traveling by plane,” Totaltravel.com global marketing manager Paul Fisher said.

A flight attendant for Australia’s flag carrier Qantas was sacked last year after claiming to have had a tryst with actor Ralph Fiennes in a business class lavatory during a flight from Darwin to Mumbai.

Singapore Airlines last November asked passengers on its new super jumbo Airbus A380 aircraft, which had its maiden commercial flight from Singapore to Sydney, not to seek Mile High Club membership in first class cabins, which boast a double bed. — Reuters.

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