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Central bank chief has lost the plot

THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe circus is still in town, featuring Gideon Gono as the chief clown. Grit your teeth and try to enjoy the latest show.

The chief clown has lost the plot. Therefore, a new dimension has been co-opted in

to the script.

Blaming banking institutions and so-called “cash barons” for cash shortages is just another ill-conceived publicity stunt meant to divert attention from his blundering and bumbling in managing the cash crisis bedevilling Zimbabwe.

Clowns generally love the spotlight because their purpose is to provide entertainment. However, “our” clown has long ceased to entertain.

By denying people access to their hard-earned cash, he has brought unprecedented suffering. The country is literally on its knees and yet the “clown” continues to grandstand, evidently enjoying his own show!

Gono’s tenure at the RBZ has become untenable, but the reality is that he will cling on, even with his finger-nails.

For reasons best known to himself, Gono has reneged on his promise to reveal the identity of the “cash barons”. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Gono does not have the courage to make good his allegations.

I am surprised that the Anti-Corruption ministry has been silent on this matter of national importance. The responsible minister is either sleeping on the job or moonlighting on some stolen farm.

I will reiterate an Irish idiom: Gono couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

Joseph Mhlanga,

Dublin, Ireland.

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