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Gono meant ‘cash barren’

I WRITE in support of my valiant central bank governor, Gideon Gono. He is currently under a barrage of criticism for his dismally failed policies, the latest being the cash crisis still very evident throughout the country today.

Very unfortunat

ely, it appears Gono’s detractors never understood him from the onset. On his inception as central bank chief, Gono boldly declared “failure was not an option” and he stands by that statement today.

If I may shed light to his daft antagonists, what the good doctor actually meant was that failure is “not an option but a clear certainty”.

And by “cash baron”, he meant “cash barren” — this was just a typographical error which the overzealous print media as usual blew out of proportion.

So, my good friends, the governor is spot-on! Failure is a certainty and we shall be cash-barren for a very long time to come.

Leave my gallant governor alone.

Raymond Samakapukapu,


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