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Who’s heroes are they?

ZANU PF has lost the legitimacy to declare national heroes in Zimabwe.

In their infinite wisdom, Zanu PF bootlickers only see heroes in people who participated in the liberation struggle, albeit, from Zanla forces. Small wonder

why there is an increasing cresendo of discontent, particularly from Matabeleland. It has become apparent, of late, that there is always an excuse for delays in conferring hero status on people from this region. But then again, with the likes of Didymus Mutasa involved, the credibilty of the process is inevitably tarnished.

What criteria, if any, is used to declare a national hero? My perception is that Zanu PF has politicised the system and in that process, deserving reciepients have been sidelined, thus turning the noble exercise into some laughable but sad charade.

An immediate solution to this sticking point would be to constitute an impartial and independent body of esteemed citizens who will set the parameters for the qualification of hero status.

Heroes should not be limited to war veterans alone. Pre-and post-Independence service to the nation should also be considered. The late Jairos Jiri springs to mind. Burial at the Heroes Acre has become a platform for Mugabe to deride and redicule real and perceived enemies. In any case, who wants to hear about “illegal sanctions”, endless invisible “victories” over Britain and “economic turnarounds” at a burial ceremony? Certainly not me!

Joseph Mhlanga,

Dublin, Ireland.

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