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The power is in our hands

I JUST completed a degree in finance at a local university. I had a conversation with friends recently which in a way left me feeling quite foolish.

In essence, I was trying to convince them that Zimbabwe needs people like us to

rebuild it and I was against the idea of people leaving for the Diaspora and neighbouring countries to do self-denigrating jobs.

What reason is there to for one to stay in Zimbabwe other than the fact that it is where one was born? Even if I do get a job, or better still create my own enterprise, there are still frequent power cuts, cash shortages, and for those living in Bulawayo the once-a-week or even a fortnight supply of water to make one’s life more miserable. I know there are many others who share the same sentiments as they: that all hope is lost.

I felt even more foolish as I told them about the up-coming elections and how they could contribute to changing the country to the Zimbabwe they want through voting for their preferred leadership. To them the election has already been lost three months prior to it being held. “So, what’s the point?” they argued.

First of all, I am a Zimbabwean and to me, patriotism means loving one’s country regardless of its economic and political state. Just because I do not agree with the policy makers does not mean I should be passive and render myself useless. I still can contribute meaningfully towards development either through my input or criticism.

Secondly, I believe that every individual should understand his or her self-worth, from the richest to the poorest. Let no one be forced to believe that they do not count. It is by the little votes of the masses that change can be brought about.

Voting is not about winning but about being heard. I will vote in March and my candidate might lose but I will be glad because everyone will know that, at least, whomever I voted for has one supporter in me.

Lastly, I would like to say to our leaders that power is in the people. Their duty is to represent the people and give maximum results. I believe that through focus, actions and achievement, one can attain power without having to taint their conscience.

The power is in our hands and there is no good deed which is insignificant in the quest for change.

Likhwa M Moyo,


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