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Official fired for mum’s lavish funeral

A CHINESE official has been sacked from his Communist Party post and demoted for putting on an over-lavish funeral for his mother, state media said on Tuesday.

Xie Pingfa, former director of a highway administration in the southe

rn province of Guangdong, was punished for violating Party rules on “self-discipline and integrity for officials and cadres”, the China Daily said.

China is in the middle of a crackdown on official corruption, which the ruling Communists say is so widespread it could threaten the party’s survival.

Xie organised more than 1 000 people, including eight officials and staff members of the highway administration, to attend his mother’s funeral in November, according to a report of the Guangdong provincial discipline watchdog.

“Xie and his siblings erected a stage more than 20 metres high for people to pay their tributes and employed a 20-member band to perform music during the funeral procession,” the China Daily said.

Xie also hosted a banquet with more than 100 tables and accepted gifts of money from guests after the ceremony, the newspaper said.

The extravagant funeral caused a stir among local residents and the Guangdong provincial discipline watchdog decided to remove Xie of his post because the case had “negatively affected the community”. — Reuters.

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