Let’s show political maturity

I AM a Zimbabwean based in South Africa and would like to know how the RBZ can afford to purchase so many vehicles during Sunrise I and do this again for Sunrise II.

I am a Zanu PF supporter but I think this is going too far. I

will not defect from the party because I believe within the party there are several candidates who think like I do. I believe it’s time we moved from a communist approach to a more capitalist manner in the interest of economic growth.

Simba Makoni is a young visionary who I believe given the chance in the party can unite these so-called factions in Zanu PF.

General Solomon Mujuru is a respectable character due to the fact that he believes in public debate. Public debate within our party is good. If Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to campaign for the top post, I see no reason why he should keep quiet. Let the members of the party speak. Why can’t we simply show an element of political maturity?

Zanu PF member,