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It’s Zesa’s fault

THESE floods, I do not blame God but Zesa. The massive power cuts experienced all over Zimbabwe have seen massive deforestation across the whole country and naturally, when the rains came, there was very little to absorb them in the form of vegetation.

Zesa is the cause of the flooding since they have forced even townsfolk to go over to the rural areas, cut down trees and bring them into town, denuding vast stretches of land across the board. As for the joke that carrying firewood is now forbidden, just take a drive down any one of our roads and laugh your heart out.

Witnessed on Tuesday along Masvingo road a blue lorry chuggin’ along at 20 kilometres an hour and packed higher than its own height with firewood!

Zesa, we thank you! No matter how many people you suspend to hoodwink the public, the truth is that anything the government touches turns to dust, be it cash, food, prices, companies, the economy, water and even the collection of rubbish.


By e-mail.

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