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Zanu PF a master of amendments

ZANU PF has proved to be the master of amendments. They have amended the Constitution for the 18th time. It has just amended Aippa, Posa and BSA.

Zanu PF has also amended the definition of democracy and has come up with its own v

ersion, that as long as everything is going well for Zanu PF, it’s democracy.

I am also convinced that as a master of amnedments there is little doubt that Zanu PF will amend the election results for next year’s presidential election in their favour.

When will they stop these amendments and instead do an overhaul of the whole Constitution?

I am totally against these amendments. The only document I will support to be amended is my payslip so that I will be able to put bread and butter on the table for my family. Not these politicking amendments that have no effect at all on my livelihood.


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