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When shall we be saved from such language?

I REFER to the article by Nathaniel Manheru in the December 22 Herald and generally to previous installments by the same columnist also rumoured to be the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity, George Charamba.

P align=justify>Surely if the Herald is a family paper, why should we be constantly subjected to obscene language? The heading itself “Make love . . .” was a great embarrassment. My 10-year-old wanted to know what the column meant and what was the subject.

The author even went on to give details of the obscenity. Unfortunately I had no answer for the young man who looked puzzled by the subject in a family newspaper. A whole permanent secretary being such a disgrace!

Several installments in the past have included similarly coarse language and the author seems to be getting carried away. Please can someone in authority help stop this nonsense. We are aware the editor is intimidated by the author and may not be in a position to act but surely someone or a group of people should be able to expose this. We need to enjoy reading the paper as a family.

Looking forward to a clean informative newspaper on Saturdays in 2008.

Shuvai Choto,

Unit C, Chitungwiza.

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